34+ Food Gifts for Christmas You Can Make or Bake at Home

Christmas is coming again already!

Where has this year gone??  If you are running low on cash this year (aren’t we all!), why not consider baking some gifts instead of buying them!  Here we have 34 simple food recipes that are yummy and make for a wonderfully thoughtful gift at Christmas time!

A slow cooked sweet and salty nibble mix that is delicious and when put in a jar with a label, makes for a wonderful gift for Grandparents or your Boss.

First on the line is this tasty crunchy snack mix that you can’t stop at just a handful. View full recipe here.

19 Food Gifts for Christmas You Can Make or Bake at Home | Stay At Home Mum

Do you want to give something sweet and an easy holiday treat? Try this yummy Candied Popcorn!

19 Food Gifts for Christmas You Can Make or Bake at Home | Stay At Home Mum

Make someone’s cheesy life more cheesy by giving them this new all-time favorite, Homemade Marinated Feta.

Looking for something so delectable, sweet and sticky to give out to a special person, this Honeycomb Toffee is the perfect sweet treat!


Add more dash of colors and fruity flavours to someone’s favorite vodka drink! Check out this cool Skittles Vodka recipe.


Stay At Home Mum

If you know someone who loves onions so much, then this Pickled Onion is a great gift!

Stay At Home Mum

‘Tis the season for Christmas puddings! Fa la la la la, la la la la! View full recipe here of this yummy holiday dessert!

Stay At Home Mum

These quick and easy dessert are the perfect gift treat to give out to special people with sweet tooth! View full recipe of Apricot Balls here.

Stay At Home Mum

Not only good as an additional sweet to the Christmas table but this Coconut Cream Balls can also be a great food gift this season!

Stay At Home Mum

Tim Tams are everyone’s favourite so we bet that that this special decadent is a perfect holiday food gift too! Check the recipe here.

More Food Gift Ideas for XMas on the Next Page!

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